The Collection of Medals to the Leicester Regiment and Yeomanry formed by the late Trevor Harris

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Date of Auction: 23rd September 2005

Sold for £880

Estimate: £400 - £500

Ghuznee 1839 (Lieut. J. T. Mauleverer, 17th Regiment), engraved in small capitals on reverse field, riveted loop and ring suspension, a contemporary good quality tailor’s copy of the so-called “Tall Tower” variety and similar to other examples named to officers of this regiment, edge nicks, nearly extremely fine £400-500


James Thomas Mauleverer, who purchased an Ensigncy in the 17th Regiment in 1834, first witnessed active service in the Ghuznee operations of 1839. But in the summer of 1844, in the rank of Captain, he transferred to the 30th Regiment, with whom he served with distinction in the Crimea. At the battle of Alma, where he regretted not having brought his pipe with him - but managed to obtain a cigar from a fellow officer - he had his horse shot from under him and at Inkermann, where he commanded the regiment in the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, he was severely wounded. On this latter occasion he led at least two bayonet charges into the massed Russian ranks intent on storming his “Barrier” position and, but for his status as C.O., may well have been awarded the V.C. He saw further action before Sebastopol in 1855 and was again wounded in the assault on the Great Redan on 8 September.

Mauleverer was created a C.B. and awarded the Legion of Honour, Order of the Medjidie and Al Valore Militare. An agile man, he was said to pride himself on his ability to vault the billiard-table in the Officers’ Mess, even towards the end of his career; for further details see the article Almost A V.C., by A. S. Lewis, which appeared in Medal News in February 1982.