A Collection of Medals to the Hampshire Regiment

Date of Auction: 19th June 2013

Sold for £1,500

Estimate: £1,000 - £1,200

Three: Ensign I. Ennis, 37th, late 53rd Regiment

Sutlej 1845-46, for Moodkee 1845, 2 clasps, Aliwal, Sobraon (John Ennis, 53rd Regt.) suspension slack; Punjab 1848-49, 1 clasp, Goojerat (John Ennis, 53rd Regt.) both the Sutlej and Punjab Medals are renamed; Indian Mutiny 1857-59, 1 clasp, Relief of Lucknow (Ensign I. Ennis, 37th Regt.) mounted as worn, edge bruising, contact marks, nearly very fine; unique ‘Mutiny’ to the regiment (3) £1000-1200


John Ennis was born in Leitrim, Ireland on 14 March 1825.

John Ennis served in the 53rd Regiment in the Sutlej campaign of 1845-46, including the action at Buddiwal and the battles of Aliwal and Sobraon. Also in the Punjab campaign of 1848-49, including the battle of Goojerat; and the campaign of 1851-52 against the hill tribes of the Peshawur frontier. He served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny, 1857-59, including the action at Chuttra - where he was mentioned in despatches for gallant conduct; and the the affairs at Gopalgunge, Khodagunge, the entry into Futtyghur, the actions at Sharabad, the storm and capture of Meangunge, the siege and capture of Lucknow, and the action at Koorsa.

Ennis was commissioned for his distinguished conduct during the Mutiny and his clasp ‘Relief of Lucknow’ is believed to be unique to the 37th (North Hampshire) Regiment.

Ennis was promoted to Lieutenant in August 1862 and to Captain in December 1869. With some copied research. .