Tokens from the Late David Griffiths Collection

Date of Auction: 3rd October 2012

Sold for £1,450

Estimate: £600 - £800

18th Century Tokens, Norfolk, Great Yarmouth, Joseph, Daniel and John Boulter, Penny, 1796, seated female holding scroll, straight exergue, rev. figures presenting curiosities to Britannia, edge i promise to pay on demand the bearer one penny, 23.98g/7h (DH 4). Minor metal flaw on reverse rim, otherwise extremely fine with a hint of original colour and attractive surfaces, extremely rare £600-800


Provenance: W. Cutting Collection, Part I, Lyman Low Auction (New York), 23-4 May 1898, lot 502; A.W. Jan Collection, Glendining Auction, 23 September 1965, lot 302; T.A. Jan Collection, Part II, Spink Auction 35, 11 April 1984, lot 6; P.C. Deane Collection; M.Z. Gerson Collection, Part II, Spink Auction 58, 30 April 1987, lot 207 [from P.C.D. 1985]