Tokens from the Late David Griffiths Collection

Date of Auction: 3rd October 2012

Sold for £220

Estimate: £80 - £100

18th Century Tokens, Oxfordshire, Banbury, Prize Fighting Ring, 1789, copper medals (2), unsigned, Thomas Johnson, 34mm, 18.91g/12h (DH Warwickshire 12), Isaac Perrins, 34mm, 18.91g/12h (DH Warwickshire 13) [2]. Both with spotting on obverses, first very fine but plated, second extremely fine with virtually full original colour £80-100


Provenance: DH 12 W.J. Noble Collection, Noble Numismatics Pty Auction 61B (Melbourne), 3-4 August 1999, lot 929, bt R. Gladdle; *DH 13 J. Watt Jr Collection, Morton & Eden Auction 2, 13-14 November 2002, lot 288 (part)