Tokens from the Late David Griffiths Collection

Date of Auction: 2nd October 2013

Sold for £140

Estimate: £150 - £200

17th Century Tokens, Lincolnshire, Boston, Barron Haire, Farthings, 1656 (2, same dies), initials b n h, 0.90g/6h (PPM 16; Smith 30; N –; BW. 25), initials b m h [m cancelling n], 1.19g/12h (PPM 17; Smith 29; N –; BW. 24); William Hobson, Farthing, 0.79g/12h (PPM 18; Smith 31; N 2915; BW. 26) [3]. PPM 16 about very fine but with excavated appearance, PPM 17 with metal faults and harshly cleaned but fine, PPM 18 about fine, all very rare, especially the first £150-200


Provenance: *PPM 16 bt R. Gladdle May 1993; PPM 18 bt P. Withers May 2008.

Barron Haire (b. 1627), freeman 1647, chandler, first wife Naomi, second wife Mary; William Hobson (†1668), freeman 1650, brewer, wife’s name Mary. Barron Haire’s second issue of farthings with the altered wife’s initial must have been made after his second marriage to Mary Murfin in September 1665 and their existence shows that the issuer retained, or had access to, the original dies made at least 9 years earlier