Tokens from the Late David Griffiths Collection

Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £120

Estimate: £150 - £200

17th Century Tokens, London (Metropolitan Middlesex), Hoxton, Margaret King, Halfpenny, 1668, 1.40g/1h (N 8151; BW. Middlesex 103); Andrew Tucker, lozenge-shaped Halfpenny, 1669, 3.08g/12h (N 9354; BW. Uncertain 55) [2]. First obverse good fine, reverse fair, second obverse rubbed, reverse good fine, very rare £150-200


Provenance: N 8151 D.A. Pickrill Collection [from Baldwin], P.D. Greenall Collection, Baldwin Auction 16, 30 October 1997, lot 211 (part); *N 9354 Spink Auction 6, 10-11 October 1979, lot 873.

The attribution of the second piece to Hoxton is not confirmed; association is by the local find spot of a specimen