The Late Robinson S. Brown Jr Collection

Date of Auction: 5th October 2011

Sold for £620

Estimate: £150 - £200

Norfolk, Norwich, Robert Campin, Halfpence (7), 1793 (3), current every where edge, 9.18g/6h (DH 20), birmingham edge, 9.19g/6h (DH 20a), edge plain, 9.40g/6h (DH 20b); 1794 (3), current every where edge, 9.90g/12h (DH 21), spalding edge, 10.18g/12h (DH 21a), edge grained, 9.67g/12h (DH 21c), edge plain, 9.68g/12h (DH 21d); Joseph Clarke, Halfpence, 1794 (4), edge plain, 10.14g/6h (DH 22), cronebane edge, 10.52g/6h (DH 22a), lancaster edge, 9.70g/6h (DH 22b); Richard Dinmore & Son, Halfpence (5), finger to t (2), dinmore edge, 9.72g/12h (DH 23), edge plain, 10.50g/12h (DH 23b), finger to y (3), dinmore edge, 9.41g/12h (DH 24), london edge, 10.32g/6h (DH 24a), edge plain, 10.06g/6h (DH 24c); mule Halfpence (6), revs. ship (2), current every where edge, 9.58g/12h (DH 25), edge plain, 10.63g/12h (DH 25a), dove and cornucopia (4), current every where edge, 9.42g/6h (DH 26), dunham & yallop edge, 10.50g/10h (DH 26b), emsworth edge, 10.05g/10h (DH 26c), edge plain, 10.31g/10h (DH 26e); Dunham & Yallop, Halfpence (6), 1792 (2), both long palm branch (2), gold-smiths edge, 11.26g/6h (DH 28), dunham & yallop edge, 10.79g/6h (DH 28a), 1793 (3), all gold-smiths edge, 11.24g/6h (DH 29), 11.05g/6h (DH 31), 10.61g/6h (DH 32), 1796, edge grained, 10.44g/6h (DH 33) [27]. DH 20b, 22a, 23b, 26 and 31 fine, DH 21, 21d, 28 and 33 extremely fine, others generally very fine or better


Provenance: DH 20, 22, 23, 25 and 26 bt M.Z. Gerson August 1978; DH 20a bt P. Flanagan April 1980; DH 21 bt M.Z. Gerson April 1979; DH 21a bt J.A. Bobbe December 1999; DH 21c and 25a bt J. Spingarn December 2000; DH 21d bt R. Gladdle August 1993; DH 22a S.V. Hagley Collection, W.J. Noble Collection, Part I, Noble Numismatics Auction 58B (Melbourne), 7-8 July 1998, lot 727 (part), bt R. Gladdle November 1998; DH 22b bt D.W. Loring September 1978; DH 23b and 26c W.J. Noble Collection, Part I, Noble Numismatics Auction 58B (Melbourne), 7-8 July 1998, lot 735 (part) [from S.E. Schwer], bt R. Gladdle November 1998; DH 24 bt J.A. Bobbe May 1997; DH 24a bt P. Flanagan March 1981; DH 24c bt R. Gladdle May 1994; DH 26b bt J. Spingarn August 1997; DH 26e bt W. McKivor September 1998; DH 28 bt M.Z. Gerson March 1981; DH 28a bt J.A. Bobbe July 1996; DH 29 bt J. Spingarn May 1997; DH 32 bt J.A. Bobbe August 1997; *DH 33 bt M.Z. Gerson June 1978