The Late Robinson S. Brown Jr Collection

Date of Auction: 3rd October 2012

Sold for £420

Estimate: £250 - £300

Somerset, Bath, William Glover, Halfpence (3), milsom street edge, small [27mm] flan, 9.70g/6h (DH 28; Young 1164), lancaster edge, 8.82g/6g (DH 28a; Young 1164), edge grained, 9.26g/6h (DH 28b; Young 1164); William Gye, Halfpence, 1794 (3), no bends on arms, hastings edge, 9.57g/6h (DH 32a; Young 1166, this piece), with bends (2), both gye’s edge, 9.48g/6h (DH 33; Young 1167), 10.04g/7h (DH 34; Young 1167); mule Halfpence by Lutwyche (9), all with bust of John Howard, revs. debtors in goal (7), anglesey edge, 9.62g/5h (DH 36; Young 1168), dublin or london edge, 9.13g/6h (DH 36a; Young 1168), henry olivers edge, 8.86g/6h (DH 36b; Young 1168, this piece), lancaster edge, 8.43g/6h (DH 36c; Young 1168), london or dublin edge, 8.66g/6h (DH 36d; Young 1168), masonic edge, 9.00g/6h (DH 36e; Young 1168, this piece), currant every where edge, 8.72g/6h (DH 36f; Young 1168), Britannia seated, large [29.5mm] flan, 11.41g/6h (DH 37; Young 1169), seated female with drill and cog-wheel, 6.28g/5h (DH 38; Young 1169) [15]. DH 36 from an extensively flawed obverse die, otherwise virtually as struck with full original colour, DH 38 fair, others all very fine to extremely fine, several with original colour but DH 28a harshly cleaned, this, DH 32a and 36b very rare £250-300


Provenance: DH 28 bt R. Gladdle March 1994; DH 28a bt J. Spingarn March 1997 [from Norwalk Coins August 1985]; DH 28b bt A. Davisson May 1992; DH 32a D. Young Collection, Baldwin Auction 6, 11 October 1995, lot 1166 (part) [from Baldwin January 1988], W.J. Noble Collection, Part I, Noble Numismatics Auction 58B (Melbourne), 7-8 July 1998, lot 797 (part); DH 33 F. Seymour Collection, J.A. Bobbe Collection [from F.S. April 1997], bt J.A.B. June 2001; DH 34 and 36f bt F. Seymour September 1994; *DH 36 bt J.A. Bobbe March 1997; DH 36a bt J.A. Bobbe April 1981; DH 36b D. Young Collection, Baldwin Auction 6, 11 October 1995, lot 1168 (part) [from Seaby March 1981], bt R. Gladdle November 1995; DH 36c bt A. Davisson July 1995; DH 36d bt R. Gladdle September 1990; DH 36e T.A. Jan Collection, Part II, Spink Auction 35, 11 April 1984, lot 38 (part) [from Baldwin 1955], D. Young Collection, Baldwin Auction 6, 11 October 1995, lot 1168 (part), bt R. Gladdle November 1995; DH 37 bt J.A. Bobbe July 1994; DH 38 bt May 2005