The Late Robinson S. Brown Jr Collection

Date of Auction: 2nd October 2013

Sold for £380

Estimate: £200 - £250

Co Dublin, Dublin, John Ord, Halfpence (3), ord edge, 9.71g/6h (DH 5a), dublin edge, 10.07g/6h (DH 5), edge plain, 10.94g/6h (DH 5b); William Parker, Halfpence (9), 1794 (4), parker edge, 9.04g/6h (DH 351), dublin edge, 9.14g/6h (DH 351a), lancaster edge, 9.53g/6h (DH 351b), edge grained, 8.96g/6h (DH 351c), 1795 (5), with initials (4), parker edge (2), 9.30g/6h (DH 352), dublin edge, 9.26g/6h (DH 352a), lancaster edge, 9.69g/6h (DH 352b), edge grained, 9.48g/6h (DH 352c), no initials, parker edge, 9.45g/6h (DH 353); Lutwyche’s mule Halfpenny, rev. hm co cypher, anglesey edge, 9.86g/6h (DH 354a) [13]. DH 351, 351c, 352, 352b and 354a extremely fine, mostly with original colour, DH 5, 351a and 352a fair, all rare, others generally very fine and patinated, DH 5b very rare


Provenance: DH 5, 351a and 352a bt W. McKivor January 1999; DH 5a bt S. Cordova August 1988; DH 5b bt J. Spingarn May 1997; DH 351 bt J.A. Bobbe April 1981; DH 351b bt R. Gladdle April 1992; *DH 351c J.A. Bobbe Collection [from Bowers & Ruddy December 1981], bt J.A.B. December 1984; DH 352 with J.D. King October 1963, bt J.A. Bobbe October 1993; DH 352b J.A. Bobbe Collection [from J.D. King January 1981], bt J.A.B. May 1987; DH 352c bt P. Flanagan November 1981; DH 353 bt S. Cordova May 1988; DH 354a bt J. Spingarn March 1997