Medals Related To Canals and Shipping from the Stanley Holland Collection

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Date of Auction: 16th June 2010

Sold for £55

Estimate: £40 - £50

Opening of the Bridge of Dunkeld, 1808, a copper medal, unsigned, bridge, rev. legend in eight lines, 50mm (BHM 639; E 987; Brodie 242; Holland p.42); Grand Sunderland Bridge Lottery, 1816, white metal medals by T. Halliday (2), both 45mm (BHM 929, 930; E 1087 and variant); Opening of Victoria Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees, 1887, a white metal medal by Pinches, 36mm (W & E 2320A.1; BHM 3281; Holland p.42); together with a modern bronze medal for the Stockton & Darlington Railway, 44mm [5]. BHM 930 poor, others fine and better, fourth pierced for wearing £40-50


Provenance: First bt J. Whitmore December 1991