Medals Related To Canals and Shipping from the Stanley Holland Collection

Date of Auction: 16th June 2010

Sold for £220

Estimate: £120 - £150

Great Britain, Opening of London Bridge, 1831, a copper medal by B. Wyon for the Corporation of London, bust of William IV right, rev. bridge, 51mm (BHM 1544; E 1245; Taylor 102a; Welch 1), a white metal medal by B. Wyon, 27mm (BHM 1545; Welch 2), and a brass medal, unsigned, 29mm (BHM 1547); Completion of the Thames Tunnel, 1842, white metal medals (2), by J. Davis, 44mm (BHM 2080; Moyaux 26), and by W.J. Taylor, 42mm (BHM 2085; Moyaux Suppl. 40); Opening of the Thames Tunnel, 1843, brass medals for W. Griffin (2, different), 25 and 24mm (BHM –); Opening of Hungerford Footbridge, 1845, a white metal medalet by J. Davis, 24mm (BHM 2213; E 1395); Opening of Tower Bridge, 1894, a white metal medal by A. Miesch, 36mm (W & E 1797.3; BHM 3478, recté 36mm); Opening of the King Edward VII Bridge at Kew, 1903, a white metal medal by J.A. Restall, 39mm (W & E 4859.1; BHM 3883; E 1878); Visit of Antwerp Seas-Scouts to Teddington, 1925, a silver badge, unsigned, 27mm; Battle of London, 1944, a brass medal by L.E. Pinches for the RAF Benevolent Fund, 57mm (BHM 4406; E 2066); Opening of the Maidstone Bypass over the River Medway, 1960, an aluminium medal, unsigned, 51mm; New London Bridge, 1973, a bronze medal by M. Rizzello, 51mm (E 2127); 250th Anniversary of Putney Bridge, 1979, a copper medal, unsigned, 44mm; together with modern medals (4, three in silver) [19]. Maidstone medal fine, others very fine and better £120-150