Medals Related To Canals and Shipping from the Stanley Holland Collection

Date of Auction: 16th June 2010

Sold for £190

Estimate: £70 - £100

Great Britain, Visit of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to Manchester, 1851, white metal medals by Allen & Moore (2), both 52mm (W & E 658.1, revs. A and B; BHM 2414-15; Holland p.39); Manchester Ship Canal Demonstration, 1885, a white metal medal by Kenning, 43mm (BHM –; Holland p.36), and a coloured lapel badge for Daniel Adamson; Opening of the Manchester Ship Canal, 1894, white metal medals (6), all unsigned, 36mm (W & E 1778.1; BHM 3474A; E 1778; Holland p.37), Ivy Soap, 30mm (W & E 1788.1; Holland p.37), 31mm (W & E 1789.1), others (3), 38mm and 31mm (2, duplicates) (W & E –; Holland p.37), brass badge, 38 x 35mm (W & E 1790.1; Holland p.37); Worsley Pageant, 1914, a white metal medal, unsigned, 32mm; George V, Silver Jubilee, Runcorn, 1935, a white metal medal, unsigned [by J.R. Gaunt], 35mm; George VI, Coronation, Runcorn, 1937, white metal medals (2), unsigned [by J.R. Gaunt], both 35mm (W & E 7085N); Centenary of the Opening of the Manchester Ship Canal, 1994, a gilt-bronze medal by the Royal Mint, 38mm; together with a modern silver medal of Runcorn Locks, 39mm [17]. Fine and better; one cased £70-100