The Collection of British Coins formed by the late G.F. Snelling

Date of Auction: 24th September 2008

Sold for £140

Estimate: £80 - £100

John (1199-1216), Penny, class 5b, Winchester, Andreu, andrev · on · win, 1.44g/6h (cf. SCBI Mass 1602; N 970; S 1351); Henry III, Long Cross series, Pennies (3), class IIIb, Newcastle, Henri, henri on newec, 1.35g/2h, class IIIc, London, Nicole, nicole on lvnd, 1.31g/12h, class Vb, London, Nicole, nicole on lvnd, 1.38g/9h (N 987, 988, 992; S 1363-4, 1368) [4]. Second about fine, others good fine (£80-100)


Second bt J.E. Prothero May 1968
Others bt D.H. Woodberry March 1968