The Collection of Short Cross Coins formed by the late Professor Jeffrey P. Mass

Date of Auction: 14th March 2007

Sold for £230

Estimate: £80 - £100

Class VI, VIc1/VIc2, London, Ilger, ilger on lvnde, rev. ornamental g, es and r, 1.33g/6h; VIc2 (2), both London, Abel, abel · on · lvnde, obv. ornamental rs, rev. ornamental b and d, 1.38g/9h, Ilger, ilger · on · lvnde, obv. ornamental h and rs, 1.51g/2h; VIc2/VIc3, Canterbury, Henri, henri · on · cante, obv. ornamental h and rs, ornamental cs for es, 1.44g/9h [4]. Varied state (£80-100)