The Collection of Short Cross Coins formed by the late Professor Jeffrey P. Mass

Date of Auction: 17th March 2004

Sold for £120

Estimate: £50 - £70

Class I, London, Fil Aimer, fil aimer·on·lvn, double half moon es and cs on obv., dies 9/18, 1.49g/10h (SCBI 25). Slightly off-centre, very fine, bright (£50-70)


From the Wainfleet (Lincolnshire) Hoard, 1990;
bt Baldwin 1993.

The Wainfleet Hoard of 383 Short Cross pennies, deposited
c.1195 (SCBI Mass p.118, no.7), is the most significant find of its type in Britain since Colchester 1902. Some coins from it were acquired by the Britsh Museum, after which Prof. Mass purchased a number from the finder privately before Baldwin’s acquired the not inconsiderable residue