The Joanna Tansley Collection of Patterns, Proofs and Coining Trials

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Date of Auction: 28th September 2005

Sold for £760

Estimate: £400 - £600

Pattern Crown or medal, after B. Pistrucci, in white metal, laureate bust left, rev. Royal arms and supporters, no m below, edge plain, 36mm, 14.06g/12h (ESC 265b; L & S 43 var; cf. BHM 1103). Light graze in centre of obverse and other trifling surface marks, otherwise extremely fine and extremely rare (£400-600)


The real purpose of this piece is not now known. Rayner, in ESC (p.33) maintains the time-honoured view that it was a pattern for a crown executed c. 1828 and dispels the notion inferred by Linecar and Stone’s repetition of a century-old attribution of it to the engraver John Milton, who had died in 1805 (p.69). Brown (p.270) speculates that it was issued in connection with George IV’s coronation in July 1821. Most of the specimens seen carry the initial M on the lower reverse, perhaps indicative of an association with either Jean-Baptiste Merlen, George Mills or James Mudie (cf. DNW 27, lot 498 and Goldberg Auction 32 (Beverly Hills), 21 September 2005, lot 3429), although this specimen lacks the initial