The Joanna Tansley Collection of Patterns, Proofs and Coining Trials

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Date of Auction: 28th September 2005

Sold for £440

Estimate: £500 - £700

‘Specimen’ set, 1876h, comprising Penny, dies 8+K, 9.47g/12h, Halfpenny, dies 14+M, 5.63g/12h, Farthing, normal 6 in date, 2.81g/12h, all edges plain (BMC 1708, 1816, 1894; F 89, 329, 534; S 3955, 3957, 3959) [3]. A matching and carefully struck set with sharp rims, all lightly lacquered, the Penny with a spot on Britannia’s right knee and the Halfpenny with an obverse scratch, otherwise virtually as struck, rare (£500-700)


Bt P.C.W. Deane.

Periodically, the Heaton mint struck carefully finished ‘specimen’ coins of varying denominations as an example of what the company could produce; in some instances they were presented as gifts to dignitaries and government officials and in other cases were part of the travelling portfolio of a Heaton sales representative (
cf. Gunstone, SNC December 1977, p.545). Truly genuine Heaton mint proofs of this period (cf. Adams lot 268) are exceedingly rare; most of those so catalogued in the Freeman sale were in fact ‘specimens’