The Collection of 18th Century Tokens formed by Dr David L Spence

Date of Auction: 11th July 2006

Sold for £220

Estimate: £90 - £120

Amlwch, Parys Mine Co, Pennies, 1787 (7), all with thick wreath and straight 7 in date, two acorns at tie (4), 28.35g/12h (DH 66), 29.51g/12h (DH 67), 28.71g/12h (DH 69), rev. die with acorn border, 28.46g/12h (DH 76); three acorns at tie (2), 29.32g/12h (DH 79), 28.86g/12h (DH 81); four acorns at tie, rev. die with acorn border, 28.88g/12h (DH 84) [7]. DH 66 about fine, DH 76 extremely fine with much original colour, others very fine and better, several patinated (£90-120)