The Collection of 17th Century Tokens of Kent formed by the late Robert Hogarth

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Date of Auction: 16th March 2005

Sold for £440

Estimate: £140 - £180

Bromley, Thomas Ghost, Halfpenny, 1.26g/3h (BW. 34); Robert Kinge, Farthing, 1.14g/12h (BW. 35); Micaell Lee, Farthing, 0.66g/9h (BW. 36); John Percivall, Halfpenny, 1667, 2.01g/6h (BW. 37); William Waldron, Halfpenny, 1.77g/9h (N 2391a, this specimen; BW. 38) [5]. BW. 36 fair, BW. 37 mediocre, others generally good fine, all rare except the last; all the issues for this locality (£140-180)


*BW. 34 found in the R. Thames 1995, bt Baldwin December 1995
BW. 35 bt Spink January 1996
BW. 36 V.J. Newbury Collection, bt Baldwin September 2001
BW. 37 bt Baldwin September 2001
BW. 38 R.A. Nott Collection, Mrs R. Henry Norweb Collection, bt S.R. Porter July 1996 [via Spink].

Michael Lee, innkeper, The White Hart; William Waldron, tallowchandler. The ticket for the last states ‘N 2391b or 2391c’ but the token is clearly the same specimen illustrated in the
Sylloge as 2391a