The Peter Stanton Collection of Paper Money of Guernsey

Date of Auction: 24th October 2012

Sold for £500

Estimate: £500 - £600

C.P. Mahon, One Pound, B56 401645 (Dugg. B212A). About very fine £500-600


By 1941 there was an acute shortage of small change on the island. The States Treasury received permission to issue small quantities of notes, for sixpence, one shilling and threepence, half-a-crown and five shillings, in return for withdrawing £5,000 of their own currency. When this proved insufficient a further sum of £5,000 was required and this time it was to be Bank of England currency. These one pound notes were all overstamped withdrawn from circulation and dated either September 18th or November 10th 1941