The Chris Morrison Collection of Ancient British Coins

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Date of Auction: 5th October 2009

Sold for £4,600

Estimate: £2,500 - £3,000

Stater, devolved head of Apollo, rev. disjointed triple-tailed horse right, eppil and three annulets above, pellet-in-ring and two annulets below, 5.43g/12h (BMC –; cf. VA 405; cf. S 95). Slightly weakly struck, otherwise about very fine, reverse better, extremely rare £2,500-3,000


Provenance: Found near Andover (Hampshire) c. 2002; C. Rudd FPL 80, March 2005 (26). CCI 03.0554.

Although a couple of dozen coins of this type are known, no less than 21, from the Alton Hoard (1996), are in the British Museum. A rare variety of a type of which only a handful of specimens are available to private collectors