A fine Collection of Life Saving Awards

Date of Auction: 12th December 2012

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A Sea Gallantry Medal group of five awarded to Boatman Charles Livermore, H.M. Coastguard, Kingston, Dublin, for service at the stranding of the Confido, 16 March 1903

Board of Trade Medal for Gallantry in Saving Life at Sea, E.VII.R., small 1st issue, bronze (Charles Livermore, stranding of the “Confido” on the 16th March 1903); 1914-15 Star (156225 P.O., R.N.); British War and Victory Medals (156225 P.O.1, R.N.); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., E.VII.R. (156225 Charles Livermore, Boatman, H.M. Coast Guard) first fine; others very fine (5) £550-650


Ex D.N.W. 12 June 1991.

Charles Livermore was born in Babraham, Cambridgeshire on 23 March 1874. A Labourer by occupation, he joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class on 19 July 1890, being advanced to Boy 1st Class in June 1891. He was promoted to Ordinary Seaman when on Collingwood in May 1892, to Able Seaman in July 1893 when on Penguin; to Leading Seaman in November 1898 when at Pembroke I; Petty Officer 2nd Class in April 1900 when on Crescent and Petty Officer 1st Class in May 1901 when at Pembroke. Livermore was appointed a Boatman in the Coastguard on 14 March 1902. Based at the Sutton Coastguard Station, Kingston, Dublin, he was awarded the S.G.M. in Bronze for his services at the stranding of the Confido on 16 March 1903. From August 1903 until the outbreak of war he served at the Mouth of the Boyne, becoming a Leading Boatman in April 1910. With the war he reverted to the rank of Petty Officer in the Royal Navy, serving mainly at shore bases, though serving on the old battleship Albemarle, November 1915-September 1916. The ship suffering damage due to heavy weather in in the Pentland Firth in November 1915 and having to put in for repairs, she was the only ship of her class (other than Montagu, wrecked in 1906) not to serve in the Mediterranean.

In February 1919 Livermore returned to the Coastguard Service as a Leading Boatman in Northern Ireland. He served as a Petty Officer at Costello Bay from March 1919. Awarded the Long Service Medal in May 1907; awarded a Gratuity on 1 April 1914 and a Pension on 5 May 1919.

Details of the services leading to the award of the S.G.M., taken from The Sea Gallantry Medal, by R. J. Scarlett, read: ‘Made three attempts to help the stranded ketch Confido (70 tons, built 1884), of Faversham, each time launching the station boat under great difficulty and considerable risk owing to the heavy sea running. Stranded in Dublin Bay on 16 March 1903 with a crew of four, whilst on a voyage from Shoreham to Workington with a cargo of iron and scrap.’

Six bronze Sea Gallantry Medals were awarded for the above rescue work. With copied service papers and other research.