A fine Collection of Life Saving Awards

Date of Auction: 12th December 2012

Sold for £920

Estimate: £650 - £750

A Sea Gallantry Medal group of four awarded to Seaman Isaac Jewell of the S.S. Shirvan for rescuing the crew of the S.S. Laleham in the North Atlantic, 31 March 1926

Sea Gallantry Medal, G.V.R., bronze (Isaac Jewell, “Laleham” 31st March, 1926); British War and Mercantile Marine War Medals (Isaac Jewell); Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners Royal Benevolent Society Medal, silver (Isaac Jewell, A.B. S.S. “Laleham” March 31. 1926) with 6th type ‘double-dolphin’ slip bar, good very fine (4) £650-750


‘The steamship Laleham, of London, with a crew of 37 hands was in distress in the North Atlantic Ocean on 31 March 1926. She had met with very severe weather which had smashed two boats and caused the ship to take a serious list. Her W/T call for assistance was answered by the Shirvan which reached the scene about 5.45 p.m. and soon after 6 p.m. Mr Strowger went off in a lifeboat with the men named. It was not possible to go alongside the Laleham and 20 of her crew were drawn through the water to the boat by means of a line with lifebuoy attached. They were transferred to the Shirvan by the same method. The operation was repeated and the remaining 17 survivors taken off, the operation being completed by 10.30 a.m. These services were hazardous owing to the high seas. Darkness added to the risk and the latter part of the rescue had to be carried out in the light of burning oil barrels on the Laleham.’ (ref. The Sea Gallantry Medal, by R. J. Scarlett).

Chief Officer Strowger was awarded the S.G.M. in Bronze and a binocular glass from the Board of Trade; the six members of the boat’s crew, including Jewell were each awarded the medal in bronze and a gratuity of £2. King George V presented the medal to Jewell on 13 July 1926.

The rescue, being deemed by the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners Royal Benevolent Society, as the best for 1926, rewarded Captain Richard Ernest Goodricke and Chief Officer Herbert Alonzo Strowger, of the Shirvan, with the society’s Emile Robin Award. The Society awarded Captain Goodricke with a gratuity of £16; Chief Officer Strowger with the Society’s silver medal and £4, and each of the boat’s crew were awarded the silver medal and £2. With copied research.