A fine Collection of Life Saving Awards

Date of Auction: 12th December 2012

Sold for £490

Estimate: £300 - £350

Royal Humane Society, large silver medal by Pingo (R.H.S. Do Wales vitam ob servandam dono date 1803) fitted with a base silver frame inscribed, ‘Go and Do Thou Likewise’, with swivel suspension, at one time glazed, correction to ‘ob’ in reverse inscription, some marks to reverse, good very fine £300-350


With a newspaper cutting titled, ‘A Century Ago, from the Norwich Mercury, April 16th, 1803’ ‘On Friday se’nnight as Mr Thos. Farrow, innkeeper, of Nordelph, was standing upon the bridge at Downham Market, in conversation with Mr Wales, surgeon, of that place, and incautiously leaning his back against the rail of the bridge, it suddenly gave way, and he was instantly precipitated not less than 12 feet into deep water. Mr Wales immediately threw off his coat and hat, and plunging in to his assistance, caught him (after many efforts) as he was rising the last time exhausted spent, and yielding to his fate. In that perilous moment Mr Wales providently (and with an almost unparalleled presence of mind) sprang at one of the piers of the bridge, and clinging to the same with one arm supported the willing man with the other, till further assistance arrived and relieved them both from their hazardous situation! - We too often read of medals awarded and dignitaries conferred for deeds of little import - but what honour is not due to that man, who at the imminent peril of his own life, nobly preserves that of a fellow creature.’