Life Saving Awards from the Collection of John Wilson

Date of Auction: 25th March 2013

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Royal Humane Society Honorary Testimonial on Parchment, awarded to Charles Rutherford, dated 10 September 1957, ‘for having on the 25th May 1957 at personal risk gone to the rescue of a child who was unfortunately drowned in the River Lea at London, E.5. and whose life he gallantly assisted in attempting to save’, contained in postal tube, with R.H.S. address label, ‘Mr Charles Rutherford, 14B Mabley St., Hackney, London, E.9., c/o The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, New Scotland Yard, London S.W.1.’, very good condition £40-60


R.H.S. Honorary Testimonial on Parchment (Case No. 65,228): ‘At about 4pm on 25th May 1957 a small boy, William Miller (4), left the party of children he was with and climbed through the railings of a flood gate bridge on to a pier and fell from there into the river (River Lea). He disappeared before anyone could come to his aid, but immediately after his disappearance Rutherford jumped into the water fully clothed except for a pair of heavy rubber boots he was wearing and removed. His efforts were unsuccessful and he left the water after about five minutes. Very soon afterwards Burfield arrived and immediately entered the water after removing his top uniform, and immediately after him, Remington, Bayles and Moorehouse entered the water, clad in rowing kit. All searched for the boy by diving and after about 10 minutes, Remmington found the boy on the bottom, in about 8 feet of water, slightly embedded in the mud and face downward. Boy did not respond to artificial respiration.’

Charles Rutherford, P.C. Kenneth Edmund Burfield, Desmond Joseph Remington, Robert Bayles and Ernest Edward Moorhouse were each awarded the R.H.S. Honorary Testimonial on Parchment. With copied research.