A fine Collection of Medals to Members of the Royal Household

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Date of Auction: 28th March 2012

Sold for £1,500

Estimate: £800 - £1,000

A Royal Household pair awarded to William Tuppen, who was in service to the Duchess of Kent and later Page of the Presence to Queen Victoria
Royal Household Faithful Service Medal, V.R., with additional ‘10’ Year bar (To William Tuppen Esq., Page of the Presence for Faithful Services during 44 Years to the Queen and her Mother the Duchess of Kent, 1873); Jubilee 1887, silver, mounted court style for wear, good very fine (2) £800-1000


William Tuppen was born in 1813. He entered the service of the Duchess of Kent in 1829. On her death in 1861 he transferred to the service of her daughter - Queen Victoria, as a supernumery Page of the Presence 2nd Class. He was ranked as a Page of the Presence 2nd Class in 1863; Page of the Presence 1st Class in 1867 and State Page in 1877. Tuppen retired in 1888 and died on 24 December 1890 at 31 Griffin Road, Plumstead, Kent. A photograph of Tuppen appears in Royal Service, Vol. III, by David Stanley.