A fine Collection of Medals to Members of the Royal Household

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Date of Auction: 28th March 2012

Sold for £1,100

Estimate: £700 - £900

An R.V.M. group of thirteen awarded to Percy Edgar Simmonds, a Coachman of the Royal Mews

Royal Household Faithful Service Medal, G.V.R., suspension dated ‘1910-1930 (P. Simmonds); Coronation 1902, bronze, contact marks, edge bruise; Coronation 1911, silver; Jubilee 1935, silver; Royal Victorian Medal, G.V.R., silver; Coronation 1937, silver; Norway, King’s Commemoration Medal, with crown, Haakon, VII, silver, heavy edge bruising and contact marks; Denmark, King’s Medal of Recompense, Christian X, silver; Portugal, Coronation Medal 1889, Carlos I, bronze, heavy edge bruising and contact marks; France, Medal of Honour, reverse embossed ‘1908’; Japan, Order of the Sacred Treasure, 7th Class, silver-gilt; Belgium, Royal Household Medal, Albert I, bronze; Romania, Loyal Service Medal, 2nd Class, silvered bronze, mounted court style as worn, fine and better (13) £700-900


Percy Edgar Simmonds, a Postillion of the Royal Mews, was awarded the Royal Household Faithful Service Medal in 1930. As a Coachman of the Royal Mews, was awarded the R.V.M. on 3 June 1935.

With bestowal documents for the R.V.M.; Jubilee 1935; Belgian Royal Household Medal, 3rd Class (1921); and Romanian Loyal Service Medal (1925); a Buckingham Palace ‘Permission to Wear’ document for a Afghan medal (1928) (medal not with lot)Simmonds’ National Registration Identity Card and Buckingham Palace Identity Card; a King George V Long & Faithful Service Medal booklet; and two papers re the State Coach.