A Collection of Medals to Offices and Ratings of H.M.S. Penelope

Date of Auction: 4th December 2008

Sold for £110

Estimate: £80 - £100

Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, dated reverse, no clasp (J. H. Searl, Sig. 2 Cl., H.M.S. Penelope) suspension refixed, edge bruising, very fine £80-100


Just 24 Egypt & Sudan Medals without clasp were awarded to Penelope’s crew.

John Henry Searl was born in Devonport in November 1855, the son of a rating serving in H.M.S. Hogue, and entered the Royal Navy as a Boy 1st Class in January 1873. A Signalman 2nd Class by the time of his service aboard the Penelope (August 1882 to February 1883), he was finally pensioned ashore as a Leading Signalman in June 1899 and died in January 1911; sold with a file of research, including copied service record and birth & death certificates.