A Collection of Medals to the 60th Rifles and King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Date of Auction: 19th March 2008

Sold for £600

Estimate: £350 - £400

Afghanistan 1878-80, 1 clasp, Ahmed Khel (Captain Geo. Hewitt Trotman, 2/60th Foot) edge bruise, very fine £350-400


George Hewitt Trotman was born on 12 January 1837. He purchased his first commission in May 1857 and was advanced to Lieutenant in August 1859 and Captain in January 1869. Serving in the Afghan War from October 1878 until July 1880, he took part in the advance on and occupation of Kandahar and Kelat-i-Ghilzai and was present at the battle of Ahmed Khel, the surrender of Ghazni and the action at Arzu. He was promoted Major in June 1880 and retired with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in October 1887. He was later ranked as an Honorary Colonel. Sold with copied research and photograph.