A Fine Series of Army of India Medals from an Old Collection

Date of Auction: 19th March 2008

Sold for £3,800

Estimate: £3,000 - £3,500

Army of India 1799-1826, 1 clasp, Capture of Deig (E. Skinner, 22nd Foot) short hyphen reverse, officially impressed naming, edge bruise and contact marks, otherwise nearly very fine and very rare


Only one corporal and seven privates of the 22nd Foot lived to claim the medal, all with the single clasp for the capture of Deig. Two other examples have been on the market, one of which resides in the Patiala Collection in India. Approximately 103 clasps for Capture of Deig were issued to European recipients.

Edward Skinner was admitted to Chelsea Hospital as an out-pensioner on 22 March 1820, due to ‘long service, ill health and unfit’. Born at Lambeth, Middlesex, he served 3 years as a Sergeant, 1 year 10 months as a Corporal, and 17 years 10 months as a Private, of which 16 years he served in the East Indies.