The Collection of Medals to Great War Casualties formed by Tim Parsons

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Date of Auction: 2nd April 2004

Sold for £520

Estimate: £300 - £350

Three: Private E. Warn, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, who was killed in action at Troyon on 14 September 1914

1914 Star (6602 L. Cpl., L.N. Lan. R.); British War and Victory Medals (6602 Pte., L.N. Lan. R.), with related Memorial Plaque, extremely fine (4) £300-350


Ernest Warn, who was born in Derby, was killed in action in the attack on Troyon on the Aisne on 14 September 1914, while serving in the 1st Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment:

‘Meanwhile the Loyal North Lancashire were sent up by Brigadier-General Bulfin from brigade reserve to support the K.R.R.C. and the Sussex in the attack upon Troyon factory; all three battalions then advanced, and successfully occupied the buildings and entrenched on the flat top of the ridge beyond. They had actually passed through the two abandoned batteries; but, though they had clung to the position which they had taken up, and the Northamptonshire worked forward on their right, they were unable to make further headway against the enemy, entrenched with field guns and machine guns north and west of the factory. He, on his side, made repeated counter-attacks, which were steadily repulsed. During the whole day the fight surged to and fro across some three hundred yards of ground, the fresh units which arrived as reinforcements being thrust in where they seemed most required.’

The 1st Loyal North Lancashires lost over 500 rank and file killed, wounded or taken P.O.W.

Interred in the Vendresse British Cemetery, France, Warn was also commemorated on the Midland Railway Memorial at Derby, having been employed as a labourer in the Carriage and Wagon Department before the War.