The Jack Boddington Collection of Life Saving Medals

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Date of Auction: 6th December 2006

Sold for £300

Estimate: £300 - £400

Moray Floods Medal 1829, obv. a view of the Bridge of Spey, partially destroyed by the river in a raging flood; rev. inscription in raised lettering (name engraved), ‘Presented by the Central Committee for the Flood Fund to Hugh Wright Finfhorn as an Honorary Reward for his Courage and Humanity shewn at the Great Flood August 4th 1829’, silver, with loop suspension, extremely fine £300-400


After torrential rain over Northeast Scotland on the night of 3 / 4 August 1829 there was widespread flooding, with many rivers overflowing their banks and several bridges being swept away. Buildings and crops were destroyed, animals drowned and communities cut off by the flood. The loss of human life was mercifully small and can in part be ascribed to the aid given by local fishermen and others who went out in small boats to aid those in peril. In the aftermath, a medal was struck by the Central Committee for the Flood Fund to be awarded to those who had gallantly provided their services. See ‘The Moray Floods Medal’ by A. J. Henderson, L.S.A.R.S. Journal 8, p.3 - 7. Sold with copied research.