A Collection of Medals for the Ashanti 1895-96 Expedition

Date of Auction: 25th June 2008

Sold for £580

Estimate: £500 - £600

Pair: Sergeant G. Barnett, King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Ashanti Star 1896; Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 2 clasps, Cape Colony, Relief of Ladysmith (4277 Sgt., K.R.R.C.), extremely fine and scarce (2) £500-600


Barnett served as a Corporal in the Ashanti Expedition in 1896, one of 25 riflemen hand-picked from the 3rd Battalion, K.R.R.C., under Captain W. S. Key, who formed one section of No. 5 Company, Special Service Corps. He was subsequently one of 12 men of this detachment to serve during the Boer War and died of enteric fever in Durban on 15 February 1900.