A Collection of Medals for The Korean War 1950-53

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Date of Auction: 25th September 2008


Estimate: £3,000 - £3,500

A Korean War M.M. awarded to Fusilier J. B. Barker, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

Military Medal, G.VI., 2nd issue, with swivelling suspension (4690537 Fus J B Barker R North’d Fus) a later replacement issue, in Royal Mint case of issue, extremely fine £3000-3500


M.M. London Gazette 17 April 1951.

'Recommendation states, 'On the night of 29/30 November, 1950, at SIBYON-NI, the platoon of which Fus. Barker (4690537) J. B. was a member was attacked by the enemy in considerable superior strength at 03030 hrs. in the morning. After considerable fighting part of the platoon was over-run. The section of which Fus. Barker was a member remained firm however, but was rapidly running short of ammunition. Realising that the only way to replenish ammunition stocks was to create a diversion, Fus. Barker, on his own initiative fixed his bayonet, left his slit trench, and charged among the enemy. The appearance of this six foot three giant among the enemy in the dark caused such consternation that the much needed respite was obtained and stocks of ammunition replenished, the section continuing to engage the enemy until ordered to withdraw to enable the Artillery better to bring their fire to bear. During the three hours that the action lasted Fus. Barker's conduct was of the highest order and I consider his devotion to duty and initiative worthy of permanent recognition.'

Fusilier J. B. Barker, Northumberland Fusiliers, was listed as wounded on 2 May 1951.

Although this medal is not marked as being a replacement, the style of naming, together with the fact that it has a swivelling suspension would suggest that it was probably issued in the late 1970’s. The original medal issued to Fusilier Barker is known to reside in a private collection, although the whereabouts of his campaign medals are currently unknown. Sold with some copied research.