A Collection of Medals to the Durham Light Infantry and associated units

Date of Auction: 5th April 2006

Sold for £2,300

Estimate: £1,400 - £1,600

Pair: Brevet Colonel H. Stiles, 2nd Bombay European Regiment Light Infantry, late 1st European Fusiliers

Punjab 1848-49, 2 clasps, Mooltan, Goojerat (Captn. Henry Stiles, Brig. Major 1st. Eur. Fusiliers); India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Persia (Lieut. Col., 2nd Bombay Eur. Regt. L.I.), last with minor official correction to rank, contained in fitted case, minor edge bruising, good very fine (2) £1400-1600


Henry Stiles was born on 14 February 1807, son of Captain George Stiles of the Revenue Service, Walton, Isle of Wight. Commissioned an Ensign in the Bombay European Regiment on 21 February 1824, he was promoted to Lieutenant on 8 September 1826 and Captain on 6 December 1837. Present at the assault and capture of Aden where he commanded the Light Company of the 1st European Fusiliers. Commanding a brigade he was with the same regiment at the siege of Mooltan and battle of Goojerat. Promoted Major in the 1st Bombay European Fusiliers on 7 June 1849, he gained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the 2nd Bombay European Regiment on 6 March 1857. Stiles served with the Persian Expeditionary Force in 1857 and commanded the 2nd Bombay European Regiment from 6 March 1857. He was awarded the Brevet of Colonel on 25 December 1857. He died, as the colonel commanding, at Neemuch on 27 February 1862. Sold with copied research.