A Collection of Medals to the Durham Light Infantry and associated units

Date of Auction: 5th April 2006

Sold for £340

Estimate: £140 - £180

Pair: Quartermaster & Hon. Captain T. V. Sheehan, Durham Light Infantry

Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, no clasp (Qr. Mr., 2/Durh. L.I.); Khedive’s Star, 1884-86, unnamed, good very fine (2) £140-180


Thomas Vaughan Sheehan was born on 4 August 1843 and enlisted as a Private in the 106th Foot on 4 August 1864. Promoted to Sergeant-Major of the 2nd Battalion D.L.I. in July 1881 and commissioned Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant on 15 August 1883. He served with the Sudan Frontier Field Force during 1885-86 and was present at the battle of Ginnis. He retired as Honorary Captain on 15 August 1893. Sold with two copied photographs of the recipient.