18th Century Tokens from the Collection of Neil Beaton

Date of Auction: 6th October 2010

Sold for £190

Estimate: £90 - £120

Hampshire, Gosport, John Jordan, Halfpence, 1794 (2), 10.90g/6h (DH 41), 10.45g/12h (DH 41c); Lyndhurst and Lymington, Visit of George III, 1789, a copper medal by J. Davies, 29mm, 7.60g/6h (DH 45; BHM 314); Petersfield, Eames, Holland & Andrews, Halfpence, 1793 (2), 10.77g/6h (DH 48), 9.90g/6h (DH 48c); Portsea, Samuel Salmon, John Courtney and Edward Frost, Halfpenny, 1796, 10.49g/6h (DH 79), George Sargeant, Halfpence, 1794 (6), 9.59g/6h (DH 68), 10.20g/6h (DH 70, engraved initials hp on obv., jb on rev.), 10.35g/6h (DH 72), 8.60g/6h (DH 74), 11.56g/6h (DH 75), 9.66g/6h (DH 75a), Westwood’s Farthing, 1791, 5.92g/12h (DH 95) [13]. DH 41 extremely fine with original colour, DH 48c and 74 about fine, both very rare, others about very fine and better, DH 95 from the usual extensively rusted obverse die and with a metal flaw in edge £90-120


DH 41 only illustrated