A Collection of the Coins of Damascus

Date of Auction: 29th September 2008

Sold for £2,100

Estimate: £2,000 - £2,500

Seleucid Kings of Syria, Seleucid Kings of Syria, Antiochos XII (87/6-84/3), Tetradrachm, yr. 226 [87/86], diademed bust right, rev. cult statue of Hadad standing facing on stepped base, flanked by two bull foreparts, holding grain stalk in right hand, all within a laurel wreath, 15.97g/12h (LSM 132; SNG Spaer –; Houghton Coll. 864 var). Very fine and extremely rare (£2,000-2,500)


Houghton and Spaer, ‘New Silver Coins of Demetrios III and Antiochos XII at Damascus’, in Schweizer Münzblätter 157 [1990], record only seven known Hadad tetradrachms, three of which are in museums. An inferior piece from the Houghton collection sold for $7,500 in NFA 18, 1980, lot 401