Celtic Coins from the Collection of the late Michael J. Grover

Date of Auction: 29th September 2008

Sold for £260

Estimate: £150 - £200

Atrebates and Regni, Uninscribed issues, Plated Unit, ‘Sussex Ducks’ type, two ducks back-to-back, each with a pellet in its beak, three pellets between, pellets around, crescents above and below, rev. horse left, pellet-in-annulet above, annulet in front, pellet-in-ring and annulet below, 0.86g/6h (BNJ Coin Register 1992, 188, this coin; BMC –; VA –; S –). About very fine with some original plating intact, extremely rare (£150-200)


Found at Chichester (W. Sussex).

For a similar silver coin, see C. Rudd FPL 27, August 1997 (37). The ‘ducks’ have lately been identified as sea-horses