British Historical Medals from the Collection of Dennis Fig

Date of Auction: 10th May 2007

Sold for £140

Estimate: £90 - £120

Victoria (1837-1901), Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1845, a copper medal by A.J. Stothard for the Art Union of London, bust left, rev. infant Hercules strangling two snakes, 58mm (BHM 2207; E 1399; Beaulah 2); Sir Francis Chantrey, 1846, a copper medal by W. Wyon for the Art Union of London, 55mm (BHM 2227; E 1381; B 1); Sir Christopher Wren, 1846, a copper medal by B. Wyon for the Art Union of London, 58mm (BHM 2232; E 1411; B 3) [3]. Second very fine, others about extremely fine and better (£90-120)


The planning of a series of medals by the Art Union of London dated back to 1842. The first medal in the series was intended to commemorate Sir Francis Chantrey (1781-1841) and to be issued in 1845, but a problem with dies cracking in the hardening process delayed its production until 1846. In its stead the Joshua Reynolds medal became the first in the series to be issued to subscribers from April 1845