The Collection of London 17th Century Tokens formed by the late Mrs Dora Harris

Date of Auction: 11th December 2002

Sold for £150

Estimate: £80 - £100

17th Century Tokens, Aldersgate Street, Roger Wallman, Halfpenny, [16]66, 0.95g/12h (BW. 59); John Warner, Halfpenny, 1668, 2.00g/9h (BW. 60); Tho. Wearg, Farthing, 0.63g/9h (BW. 62); Thomas Wearge, Halfpenny, 1.44g/3h (D 62A) [4]. Fine to very fine, last with some surface verdigris, but both Wearge issues extremely rare (£80-100)


BW. 59 bt March 1982 [originally from Seaby 1961]; *BW. 60 bt Baldwin June 1982; BW. 62 bt Baldwin June 1987; D 62A bt R. Sharman October 1983