The Collection of London 17th Century Tokens formed by the late Mrs Dora Harris

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Date of Auction: 11th December 2002

Sold for £140

Estimate: £60 - £80

Church Lane [Whitechapel], John Stonyer, Farthing, 1658, 1.09g/6h (BW. 639); Coleharbour [Thames Street], Henry Cooper, Halfpenny, 1.94g/12h (BW. 702); Thomas Kinge, Halfpenny, 1.31g/3h (BW. 705); Coleman Street, James Gripp, Halfpenny, 1666, 1.39g/12h (BW. 710) [4]. First mediocre, others fine to very fine, last a trifle off-centre (£60-80)


BW. 639 bt October 1980; BW. 702 and 705 found in the R. Thames, former bt R. Sharman August 1982; *BW. 710 bt Seaby August 1980.

Thomas Kinge, dyer; James Gripp, coat-maker