The Collection of London 17th Century Tokens formed by the late Mrs Dora Harris

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Date of Auction: 11th December 2002

Sold for £170

Estimate: £90 - £120

College Hill [Thames Street], George Boylson, Farthing, 0.52g/3h (D 714B); Cornhill, H.A.H. at the dolphin tavern, Farthing, 0.73g/6h (BW. 719); T.H. at the castle tavern, Farthing, 1651, 0.84g/6h (BW. 722); Cousin Lane [Upper Thames Street], Peter Tull, Farthing, 0.73g/12h (BW. 735); Creechurch Lane, Edward Shrawley, Penny, 1669, 2.29g/12h (BW. 783); Cripplegate, James Haydye, Halfpenny, 2.18g/3h (BW. 796); Crooked Lane [Cannon Street], Thomas Cole, Halfpenny, 1669, 1.85g/6h (BW. 801); Crutched Friars [Mark Lane], Philip Starkey, Halfpenny, 2.47g/3h (BW. 815, recté Halfpenny) [8]. BW. 796 and 815 about very fine, others generally fair to fine, some rare (£90-120)


D 714B F. Sedgwick Collection, Spink Auction 51, 16 April 1986, lot 15 [from Coins & Antiquities, September 1977]; BW. 719 bt 1990; BW. 722 bt June 1990; BW. 735 R.A. Nott Collection, Mrs R. Henry Norweb Collection [from Spink 1961], Dr B. Bird Collection, Spink Auction 35, 11 April 1984, lot 288 (part) [privately, from Mrs N], bt Seaby July 1984; BW. 783
SCMB January 1979 (M 9), bt Seaby March 1979; BW. 796 bt May 1993; BW. 801 bt November 1982; *BW. 815 found on the south bank of the R. Thames west of Southwark Bridge, 1983, bt R. Sharman May 1983.

Peter Tull, woodmonger; James Haydye, poulterer; Thomas Cole, tallowchandler; Philip Starkey, brewer