The fine collection of attributed British Officers' Swords formed by Hal Giblin

Date of Auction: 25th February 1998

Sold for £280

Estimate: £300 - £350

Maharajpoor Star 1843 (A. Chalmers, M.D., Field Surgeon, Army of Gwalior) the reverse with adapted brooch fitting in place of original hook, good very fine £300-350


Alexander Chalmers, M.D. (Glasgow 1824), was born on 14 February 1796; Assistant Surgeon, 30 December, 1824; Surgeon, 19 November, 1838. Served at the siege and storm of Bhurtpoor in 1825-6, and in the Gwalior campaign at the battle of Maharajpoor (Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 8 March 1844). He died at Calcutta on 28 April 1851.