Awards to the Medical Services from the Collection of the late Tony Sabell

Date of Auction: 19th June 2013

Sold for £1,000

Estimate: £450 - £550

Three: Hon. Deputy Surgeon-General Thomas Teevan, late 3rd Foot

Crimea 1854-56, 1 clasp, Sebastopol (Asst. Surgn., 3rd Foot) officially impressed naming; China 1857-60, 1 clasp, Taku Forts 1860 (Asst. Surgeon, 1st Bn. 3rd Regt.) officially impressed naming; Turkish Crimea 1855, Sardinian issue, plugged and fitted with ‘British Crimea’ style suspension and engraved clasp, unnamed, contact marks, edge bruising, nearly very fine and better (3) £450-550


Thomas Teevan entered the Army as an Assistant Surgeon to the 3rd Foot on 30 June 1854. He became a Surgeon on the Staff in October 1866 and later served with the 30th Foot. Appointed a Surgeon-Major in the Army Medical Department in March 1873 and Brigade-Surgeon in November 1879. Teevan retired with the honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon-General on 30 July 1880. He died on 14 January 1911.

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