World Coins and Tokens from the Collection formed by Allan Vayle

Date of Auction: 2nd April 2014

Sold for £230

Estimate: £90 - £120

Egypt, CAIRO, Al-Qalmav, Nahasin Road, copper 20, legend all in Arabic, 23mm; Bari, Market Stall 42, square brass, 23mm, and a brass 5 Milliemes bearing the same palm-tree motif, 26mm, both with legends in Arabic; Canteen, 5th on the Square, copper 5, legend all in Arabic, 24mm; Yahia-al-Khawaja, brass 15, legend all in Arabic, 25mm; Yusla El-Said, El Sarraj, aluminium 10, legend all in Arabic, 27mm (Ford 454 [= Noble 1732]); together with a brass 25 Para, c. 1900, legend all in Arabic, 25mm [7]. Generally fine, some better, all rare £90-120


Provenance: First and fifth bt J. Schimmel November 1998; second bt J. Schimmel June 2000; third bt J. Schimmel September 1986; fourth bt J. Schimmel August 1996; sixth bt J. Schimmel September 2001; last bt S.E. Cordry April 1983