World Coins and Tokens from the Collection formed by Allan Vayle

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Date of Auction: 2nd April 2014

Sold for £250

Estimate: £100 - £150

Egypt, CAIRO, Kit Kat Lido, brass 10 and 5 Piastres, 33 and 26mm (Ford 443 [= Noble 1726]); Lemonia’s Oriental Tea Rooms, brass Piastre, 26mm (Ford 444; Noble 1726); Maspero Frès Ltd, enamelled brass, stamped 63, 22mm (Noble 1730); Mena House Hotel, silver, 26mm; Ministérial Club, M.H. Dimitrio et N. Stratopoulo, brass 5 Millièmes by Fremolle, 23mm [6]. Generally very fine, some very rare £100-150


Provenance: First bt T. Pitidis June 1980; second bt T. Pitidis March 1984; third bt T. Pitidis August 1979; fourth bt T. Pitidis March 1985; fifth bt J. Schimmel September 1988; last bt J. Schimmel October 1996