British Medals from the Collection of the Revd. John Watson

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Date of Auction: 11th June 2014

Sold for £240

Estimate: £120 - £150

British Battles, c. 1815, a copper cliché of the obv. of the medal, unsigned, 45mm (Eimer 83b; cf. BHM 886); George Canning, 1826, a copper medal by A.J. Stothard, 62mm (BHM 1256); Death of George Canning, 1827, copper medals (2), by A. Galle and unsigned, 51 and 41mm (BDM II, 197); School of Mines, de la Beche Medal, 1853, a copper award by W. and L.C. Wyon, un-named, 45mm (BHM 2264; E 1402); Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1845, a copper medal by A.J. Stothard for the Art Union of London, 58mm (BHM 2207; E 1399; Beaulah 2); Dr John and Mrs Marie Emma Gray, 1863, a copper medal by G.G. Adams, 57mm (BHM 2787); Statue of Francis Drake Erected, Tavistock, 1883, a copper medal by J.E. Boehm, 53mm (BHM 3149; E 1697); together with clichés (3), including both sides of the St Thomas’s Hospital, Cheselden Medal, by Wyon, the obv. in silver (BHM 1339; E 638) [11]. Clichés very fine, the Wellington set in a gilt surround, medals extremely fine; de la Beche in red case of issue