British Medals from the Collection of the Revd. John Watson

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Date of Auction: 11th June 2014

Sold for £330

Estimate: £80 - £100

Prince of Wales, 1899, a silver (?) medal by E. Fuchs, 27mm (W & E –, but cf. 1876 for obv.; BHM –); Victoria, The New Century, 1900, a silver medal by E. Fuchs, 35mm (W & E 1881A.1; BHM 3659; E 1836) [2]. Extremely fine, first toned, both very rare £80-100


It seems that both these pieces form part of what is now a long-forgotten and undocumented series of sculptural medals of the royal family by the artist Emil Fuchs (1866-1929), authorised by Victoria to mark the turn of the new century, and were perhaps intended by her to be used as gifts. The reverse of the first medal bears a facsimile monogram of Albert Edward and the date, 9 September 1899