British Medals from the Collection of the Revd. John Watson

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Date of Auction: 11th June 2014

Sold for £180

Estimate: £90 - £120

Cope and Nicol School of Painting, a silver award medal by F. Bowcher, edge named (Una Hook, Jan. 1911, For Composition), 57mm (Attwood p.45, 4; MJP p.32; BDM I, 253; cf. DNW M1, 1214); Royal Academy of Arts, a (? plated) silver award medal by M. Gillick, edge named (Joan Hallwork, for Painting, mcmlviii), 55mm; Royal Society of Arts, President’s Medal, 1952, a silver award, unsigned [by P. Metcalfe], edge named (Sir John Macpherson, G.C.M.G., for his paper ‘Sovereign Nigeria’, Session 1960-61), 57mm (E 2082) [3]. About extremely fine; first in black case of issue £90-120


Una Hook (1889-1978), painter and author, the second of 11 children of the art collector and painter Bryan Hook (1856-1925). A similar bronze medal also awarded to her in 1911 was sold in these rooms in December 2005. Sir John Stuart Macpherson (1898-1971) was governor of Nigeria from 1948-54 and subsequently that country’s first governor-general, 1954-5